The late Stephen Covey expressed time management in terms of "The 4 Quadrants." It is at once conceptually cogent, simple, and self-evident.
Proponents of the "Lean" model of improvement and management characterize process components as "Value adding" (Quadrant 2, in our view),
"Necessary but non-value adding" (Quadrant 1), and "Waste" (Quadrants 3 and 4). Effective organizations continuously improve their processes
to maximize time spent in Quadrant 2, minimize time spent in Quadrant 1, and eliminate time wasted in Quadrants 3 and 4. Easier said than done.
We bring to the effort the tools, skills, experience, and passion that get you there.

Producers of web podcast and streaming radio, and The Critical Thinking Clinic [TM]. Getting you to Quadrant 2.
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